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The Lightning fanlisting has been online since May 18, 2010 ♥ It is entitled Light up the Sky, which I think fits Lightning perfectly ♪ While a lightning strike is fierce and deadly, it also lights up the sky in a flash of brilliance. She may not have a bubbly personality, but in many ways, I think she represents hope better than anyone else in the game. Even when the world was falling apart around her, she charged on ahead - never looking back. With her on the team, you just know that no matter what happens, things are going to be all right ♪

The theme for Version 1 is hope amongst chaos, and features my favorite image of Lightning. I love how she exudes confidence and independence, and also a hint of femininity ♥ For the girl who threw away her birth name and grew up quickly in order to take care of her younger sister, I wanted to create something cool but not too girly or Lightning will come kill me X3


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